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Pinout for RJ45 cable between Moxa Terminal server and Cisco/HP Console port

I recently build an Out-of-Band (OOB) management network for Utrecht University with Moxa Terminal servers (CN2610-16-2AC). The Moxa Terminal servers had all RJ45 (serial) ports. However, connecting it with a normal network cable, a cross-cable [...]

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AsteriskNow VM for Xenserver

Here it is, a ready to rock AsteriskNow VM for XenServer, ready to download as a .xva file. It includes: CentOS 5.9 (because only 5 is offically supported yet) Asterisk 10 (v10.12.2) FreePBX 2.10 (v2.10.1.9) [...]

By | April 14th, 2013|Technical|2 Comments

Cisco SSL-VPN problems after KB2585542

Today I noticed that some Windows 7 clients had problems to connect using Cisco’s AnyConnect VPN Client (SSL-VPN). After a few hours troubleshooting we noticed that Windows Update KB2585542 was causing the problem. The clients [...]

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Trixbox VM on XenServer

I made a VM of Trixbox for use with Citrix XenServer (5.6). The VM is in .xva format so you can import it right away in XenServer, all yum updates are done (as of [...]

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Gira is threatening with letters

Childish threads about copyright on photos Unfortunately I had to remove the photos of the Gira Homeserver 3 in the post: “Building your own Homeserver III” because Gira said it was under copyright. Gabi from [...]

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Pure water

Because i was renewing things in my home, after the electricity, it was time to do the water installation. I decided to place a TwinTec XL2 water softener. I’m dreaming about a clear glass shower [...]

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Acronis True Image Server hell!

In my search for an easy, stable and manageable backup tool, I tested Acronis True Image Server 9.5 (Enterprise Edition). My goal was to backup several Windows 2003 servers and some Linux CentOS 5.2 servers. [...]

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Project: New Wi-Fi Accesspoint

Because of the problems i had with getting my Wii Game Console onto Wi-Fi and the fact that i screwed-up my Asus Accesspoint by connecting it to a to heavy cable so the plug broke..  I decided i deserved [...]

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