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    I know that it is a compiled python 2.6 code.
    The directory containing the .pyc files has been packed into one single binary.
    The magic number (where the single .pyc files have to be split) is 0x00731c00 (found 900 times).

    split the hs_trans and hs_main binary into 900 .pyc files (medium difficult)
    decompile each .pyc file into .py file (easy)
    (optional) remove copy protection (search for ifconfig or serial and comment that line in .py file)
    copy files onto raspberry
    test it
    (optional) compile each .py file to .pyc
    (optional) pack the whole directory into one hs_main file

    what is missing: my spare-time ;-)
    the most difficult job was to find the magic number, which is necessary to find the points on which to split the hs_main