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Miele Building Block for Gira Homeserver (KNX, LBS 14360)

Control all your Miele devices from KNX! Everything is possible using the new Miele LBS (Logic Building Block: 14360) for the Gira Homeserver. See the video for some examples and see how easy it is to configure! Change the color of your Kitchen Hood, Start the Coffee Machine when you wake up or set [...]

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Connecting Sonos to Google Assistant – Problem Solving

It happed to me just two hours before my birthday party, I could no add my Sonos devices to Google Assistant anymore. I tried to remove them and Add them again.. Failed. So here is my shortlist of things you can try when you're having the same problem: Close the Sonos and Google Assitant [...]

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How to use/format Native 4Kn drives in Synology or NAS

A few years ago I started using 4Kn drives in my storage (Open-E and Synology NAS). You had to decide for a 4Kn (native) drive or a 512-byte drive when buying it. Now, a few years later, companies like Western Digital (HGST) and Seagate come with ‘Advanced Format’ drives, it’s [...]

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Viega Fonterra Smart Control with KNX (Homeserver Building Block)

Viega Fonterra Smart Control is a great product, it's actually the best system for floor heating I've ever seen: You never have to fine tune the flowmeters (it's done automatically!) It constantly adjusts itself, this increases comfort and saves a lot of energy. It can be combined in a classic system (heater on [...]

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Set your Wallmount tablet to Day or Night mode (Dim and blank screen)

I have several tablets hanging to the wall for controlling my Living room lights, Office environment or Garden lights. To save energy I would like these tablets to power off at night automatically or even better, have a proximity sensor in front of them or a tap to wake. Continue reading to see how to [...]

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Chromecast or AirPlay in different VLAN on a Cisco Switch (>IOS15.2)

There are many questions on using a Chromecast or AirPlay devices (like the new Sonos devices with Airplay2) on a different VLAN.  First of all, I think it is a good habbit to put all your IoT devices in a separate VLAN since it's easier to manage, protect/secure and isolate.; IoT devices often use [...]

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Homeserver that Powers on Samsung TV with Chromecast

When I touch my Tastsensor near my bed with the “Wake up” scene, the light swiches on, the bathroom lights switches on and in the Kitchen the Light and the TV should switch on. Problem with Samsung TVs (and a lot of other brands) is that they don’t do Wake-on-Lan [...]

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Gira HS Beta 4.111 and presentation leaks..

Back as never before with this new blog. Upcomming weeks a lot of news, cool stuff and hacks will be posted here! I’m full with ideas and supported by many of you who e-mail me with secrets and hacks. Last christmas ‘Cuteboy E***’ sent me links to: Gira Beta presentation, framework, documentation and examples of [...]

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