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    The ETS6 crack you made works fine – importing and exporting is working and programming, too.
    The issue is that paid or licensed ETSAPPS (imported or the “included” ones, like Replace Devices) aren’t working. We are a bit spoiled by the ETS5 crack we all know. There even the paid Apps are shown and work as if they were licensed.

    Check out those apps, they cost between 10€ and 500€ in the store. You can use those apps with the KNX5 crack but not with yours. I didnt have much time in the last days, but as i wrote you, i’ve been working on cracking the ETS6 myself. It seems as a crack where even the ETSAPPS work, needs a modified KnxDevKit.dll as well, and that .dll is heavily obfuscated – they put a lot of effort in confusing us there ;)

    I’ll let you know when i have worked it out. Untill then the here published crack works 100%.
    Great job, debbe!