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    Absolutely wonderful!
    Everything works – Importing, exporting, integrated Apps (like Replace Device / Extended Copy), external Apps (like Recontruction).
    You did it, debbe.

    I guess all thats left to dream about is cracking the signing process.
    The only “issue” left is: A project that has been exported through a cracked version (if its larger than 5 devices) cannot be imported with a original version. Thats because the exported .knxproj file does not contain the “P-xxxx.certificate” File (because you need a valid license to sign a project – as far as i know its probably impossible to crack.)
    The idea that i had was: Could we probably use the “free” Lite-License you get from completing the online course? I checked it and the signing of a lite- home- and professional-license are basically the same, so we could potentially use a Lite license (just register with the my.knx.org using a fake name and address, complete the course which should take 30min, get the lite-cloudlicense for free) to sign projects.

    Thats not a huge deal anyways – it just matters for ppl who use the cracked version for themselves and need to give the project to a professional system integrator. Those would not be able to import the cracked project so far.