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    Hi Debbe
    Great to see you doing better again and move on with the work :-)
    Licensed apps now work fine ! Thanx.
    As sinn3r already figured out, the ETS6C is for compatible reasons using old special extensions which were for extended functionality before the DCA (is this the correct naming?) stuff was invented (ETS >= 4..).

    The license stuff was already with older crack Versions. There is a workaround which works for ETS5 (should be also in this forum, here a short description)
    Just checked this using a licensed ETS5. IT WORKS!! Here are the steps:

    On the cracked version pc:
    1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\KNX\ETS5\ProjectStore. Every P-xxxx folder is a project in ETS. Inside the folder you can find the project name in the file called P.
    2. Copy the entire project folder to your licensed ETS PC.

    On the licensed version pc:

    1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\KNX\ETS5\ProjectStore and paste the project folder here
    2. Open ETS. The project should show up in the Projects list.
    3. Right-click the project and select Copy -> As Clone.

    The cloned project is now a licensed project which you can export!
    Not yet tested with 6er Version. Hope this helps.
    Keep going :-)