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    As I wrote it is very simple .. obviously you must have a programming base otherwise it becomes impossible ..

    the program is written in .net so the code is not compiled in machine language but remains in an intermediate phase..

    the only thing developers can do is disguise the code with tools that replace the names of the variable and string functions, but thanks also to other tools :D it is possible to partially recover the code.. but this becomes expensive for the ‘application itself obviously and for a professional software where those who do it professionally should have a license, at least if I did it professionally I would buy it :D, moreover easy to break

    As I told you, the code you see through dnspy is not actually the real one from the developers but very similar, so if you tried to edit a module and then save it from compilation errors or token errors, you need to be careful with the modifications.. so if you have to make a modification act first via assembly…

    when i opened the main exe file i got:

    – the mvc programming pattern (model view controller) and this was useful for me to understand the movement of the various calls..

    – the various obfuscated libraries used for the license (from third parties) but having all the various controls in front of you, it was useless to waste time trying to reconstruct the functioning.

    – it was full of useless ‘int’ and ‘goto’ variables that didn’t affect the natural course of the application.. with a disassembler they could mislead..

    so what did i do?

    Simple, where there is a license check, either I skipped it or I always took it for granted, in principle it was enough as I did at the beginning to increase the number of devices by 5 :D but then there were also the other functions that i didn’t know me having never used this software..

    What are your computer skills?

    PS: I’m not a developer by trade but I’m a fan..

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