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    what I meant is that you have to be thrifty in modifying but not that you can’t do .. add a class that communicates internally but you must first understand the general functioning … I tried to take a look at the devkit and as I imagined there are some parts not blurred and there is also commented that they must not be, for what I was saying to you earlier.. all the time is figuring out which functions interest you, then manipulating them is child’s play.. in my case it’s frustrating because it’s very slow from VM :D and decopiling the page sometimes takes minutes.. then I have constant slowdowns and I feel like launching the mac.. had all the code been completely obfuscated it would have taken me much longer but surely when they tried to obfuscate it they had problems so they had to compromise .. and I repeat that I do not consider it necessary for a company sw where the professional does not see why he should not have the original license ..