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    I would like to inform you that i am currentry working on a port for my NAS.

    My device is an Asustore 302T which has an intel atom CPU and therefor is binary compatible.
    I started using the HS4.2 hyper-V VM which is debian linux based. First i had to install python on the asustore nas, for which a asustore package exists in the appstore.

    A quick test showed me there are some libraries missing:

    Due to there is an RPM package manager on the asustore nas i could get those libraries via
    wget “ftp://……” and install them using
    rpm -i libssl……rpm
    that worked but due to some messages from hs_main showing some missing parameter (e.g. libssl version number) i changed my mind and copied the binaries from my VM. So those warnings disappeared.

    Next step is a missing Image Library (“_imaging C module missing”).
    The python image library is named “PIL” and can also be downloaded, but my best approach was also copying from the VM.

    Currently i am still working step by step to eliminate one error after the other, but the first experiances show that it is possible.

    … to be continued …