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    Hi, thanks for providing the image. I tried it on Hyper-V and works like a charm. But I would like it to run on my Unraid server instead, which uses a different Hypervisor. There, the image doesn’t work. I think it’s missing the virtio drivers as the network doesn’t seem to come up. I checked (in Hyper-V) /sbin/lsmod and see the VMWare and Hyper-V drivers, but no virtio drivers.
    Console of the Unraid VM is not very useful, keeps looping an error message stating a “No such device” error”, and I can’t SSH into the box.

    Is it possible for me to add the drivers myself, or can you create an image that includes them? My Unraid box has an Intel LAN interface (not a Realtek) but don’t think that’s the issue as my Hyper-V box has a Broadcom NIC and no Realtek either…