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    I have been testing more, and now I have the 4.10 image running (stable for now at least) The errors in the above screenshot, were explained in another topic on this forum (they go away after uploading a first project onto the hs)

    Connection to the gira smartphone app works, gira quadclient software works.

    Only step I now have to take, is to disconnect the USB to knx dongle, and connect it to the esxi box and have this data passtrough to the hs wm image. If this works, I’m ready to go all out on a new (refurbished) dell server and then I can dump the previous 10yo consumer grade hardware.

    Maybe I’ll make a freenas out of that, don’t know yet, I had all of the servers virtualised on 1 server…

    Hoping all remains stable and that the usb knx connection also works, then I’m very happy