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    Many thanks to @sinn3r for the images.

    I have now managed to get the Homeserver 4.11 running in my bare metal Proxmox VE server. Works great.

    Here is a short how to:
    Create VM
    OS: Do not use any media – guest os Linux
    System: all default – SCSI controller: VirtIO SCSI
    Hardrive: use standard settings (will delete it later)
    CPU: 2 core
    Memory: 1024mb
    Network: set MAC address to something with 00:0A:B3:02:29:55
    Confirm – Finish

    In VM hardware settings delete the HDD

    Use Filezilla to upload the vmdk to /var/lib/vz/images/XXX (XXX is number of the VM)
    Login the pve (Proxmox machine) shell and go to /var/lib/vz/images/XXX
    use this command to import disk and convert to qcow2 : qm importdisk XXX hs411_v2.vmdk local-lvm -format qcow2
    Mount the disk as sata drive in the VM

    Good luck