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    Many thanks @ @Sinn3r for the images. I decided to try it out on my laptop running Linux Mint 20 with qemu-kvm, if anyone else wants to try, below is my install script to quickly import the vmdk image and get it up and running.

    Is there any possibility to import remanent Speicher from my original “HomeServer 2” (yes, very old/obsolete) in any way ? Or have to start all over?

    Do I have to change MAC / serial or can I use the defaults as given in the first post?

    My install script (place .vmdk in /var/lib/libvirt/images and if you have bridging enabled use –network bridge=br0, instead of –network default, )
    if [ $# -ne 3 ] ; then
    echo “Usage: $0 <vmdkimagename> <CPUs> <RAM_GB>”
    exit 1


    virt-install \
    –name $NAME \
    –memory $RAM_MB \
    –vcpus $VCPUS \
    –cpu host \
    –hvm \
    –disk /var/lib/libvirt/images/$NAME.vmdk,bus=sata \
    –network default,model=e1000,mac=00:0a:b3:02:29:55 \
    –graphics spice,listen= \
    –noautoconsole \
    –os-type=linux \
    –os-variant=generic \
    –boot hd \
    –noreboot \
    –import \

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