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To give a litte bit back after this forum has been so helpful:

For some Projects i wanted to use some Homeserver Plugins that just were too expensive in my opinion. So i reverse engineered some of the plugins and cracked the Serial generation.

Since the Homeserver ID/MAC 000AB3022955 seems to be the one most people used, i thought i’d release the License Key for the Plugins i cracked for that MAC address. If anyone is interested in a License Key for another MAC, just write a PM or request it here!

QCCamera Pro
A nice Plugin to visualize multiple cameras in the QuadClient Software (using VLC, nicely integrated)
Link (including Download): https://www.grot-automation.de/produkte/qc-camera/
License Key 50 Cameras: 11600001700053099000043800481320000128004811642648000029500500180000960000045319

A Plugin that utilizes the “wasted space” in the top row of the QuadClient Software to display text or icons (mail, weather, warnings etc), has also additional features like turning on or off the screen via the Homeserver or KNX
Link (including Download): https://www.grot-automation.de/produkte/qcplus/
License Key: 11600001700048099000043800481320000128004811642654000029500490180000960000045319

A nicely working OpenWeatherMap Plugin. I had some issues with free plugins, this one works like a charm
Link (including Download): https://www.grot-automation.de/produkte/hs-weatherforecast/
License Key: 11600001700048099000043800481320000128004811652728000029500490180000960000055393

Again, if someone needs a License Key for a specific Homeserver MAC, just get in touch, i’ll create it for you.

Plugins i could easily get behind the licensing process bud didnt bother so far, because i dont need them:
– HSConnect Hue (https://www.grot-automation.de/produkte/hsconnect-hue/)
– HSConnect HomeCockpit (https://www.grot-automation.de/produkte/hsconnect-homecockpit/)
– HSConnect SONOS (https://www.grot-automation.de/produkte/hsconnect-sonos/)
– HSConnect SONOS Pro (https://www.grot-automation.de/produkte/hsconnect-sonos-pro/)

If you are interested in any of those, get in touch, i’ll probably find time to create a license key for you!