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      Let’s make this topic a central place for posting your Quad Client plug-ins. Plug-ins like for SONOS, [email protected], Dornbracht and more..
      Gira has a partner site on which only partners can download plugins, some plugins have a price. Do you have developped a plugin? Post your link here!

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        this is a great idea, because only developers have access right to the gira downloads!!!

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          HS-SmartTV (to control Samsung Smart-TV’s, select TV-Source or ON/OFF from a TastSensor or your QuadClient/Gira App)
          Software: Baustein
          Price: EUR 45,90

          HS-IRControl (to control other TVs, CD players, Beds with IR remotes, etc.)
          Software: Baustein
          Price: ~ EUR 100,-

          HS-MusicControl for SONOS (to control your sonos/music from any Tastsensor, start automatically or from your QuadClient using a special plugin)
          Software: Baustein, QuadClient plugin
          Price: licenses available for 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 or 32 Zones

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            Recently someone gave me a link to the Miele QuadClient Plugin:

            ( 1_10_miele.hsp )

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              who can share the bar chart plug-in?

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                EDIT: Grot removed all downloads from their Website. i wonder, why :D
                You can still download and use the plugins here!

                To give a litte bit back after this forum has been so helpful:

                For some Projects i wanted to use some Homeserver Plugins that just were too expensive in my opinion. So i reverse engineered some of the plugins and cracked the Serial generation.

                Since the Homeserver ID/MAC 000AB3022955 seems to be the one most people used, i thought i’d release the License Key for the Plugins i cracked for that MAC address. If anyone is interested in a License Key for another MAC, just write a PM or request it here!

                QCCamera Pro
                A nice Plugin to visualize multiple cameras in the QuadClient Software (using VLC, nicely integrated)
                Link (including Download):
                License Key 50 Cameras Pro: 11605413340945116152113310161320970517043709943611004083305880180531013040552673

                A Plugin that utilizes the “wasted space” in the top row of the QuadClient Software to display text or icons (mail, weather, warnings etc), has also additional features like turning on or off the screen via the Homeserver or KNX
                Link (including Download):
                License Key: 11613113610971116041040802861320970820074009942892114066404180180991696027351492

                A nicely working OpenWeatherMap Plugin. I had some issues with free plugins, this one works like a charm
                Link (including Download):
                License Key: 11612111671045099150113707471320400397031711653725034112108750180971242022862924

                HSConnect Hue
                Control HUE lights via the HS
                Link (including Download):
                License Key unlimited Lights: 11602410510929099137142610421320350426034611652916096062403780181291592006361695

                HSConnect HomeCockpit
                HomeCockpit software integration via HS
                Link (including Download):
                License Key: 11609608760754099120130809181320660615053511653401149054302970180971884059262732

                HSConnect SONOS Pro
                Sonos integration
                Link (including Download):
                License Key 32 Zones, with IP and QC connectvity:
                Logic: 11602308410722099099080504191321050764068411652646080125810120180811556005961635
                QC Plugin: 11605109610575116037040302841320971080100009952208056129010440181531359083961918
                (Grot states, those serial numbers should be the same, but that didnt work for me… I haven’t tested those Plugins so far, just the license check is passed.)

                externally programmable scene plugin
                Link (including Download):
                License Key: 11606708040682099098070103121320410354027411689482120121709710181131752087998348

                external sql storage for massive amounts of data
                Link (including Download):
                License Key: 11609609760856099133101806281320490486040611652850136043001840180981773088161481

                Again, if someone needs a License Key for a specific Homeserver MAC, just get in touch, i’ll create it for you.
                Most of these aren’t tested completely because i just use the first three on my own HS. If you encounter any issues, please feel free to reach out to me!

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                  Hey M00,

                  I’d love to get the QC Plugins, but I’m using a different MAC on my virtual HomeServer…
                  I sent you a PM with my MAC, not sure if you saw it – would be great if you could help me out with a Key!

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                    First of all, thanks for your amazing work!!
                    Do you think it is possible to crack the knet Energiezähler Plugin?


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                      Hey SlumdogM,

                      most probably yes, but i’d need to have the .hsl/.hslz file, first. You can’t download them without placing an order.
                      Id someone would share that file, i’d probably be able to crack the License Key


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                        Here are some more Plugins, this time created by TecSupport.

                        You can look up the functionality of the differen logic blocks here:
                        All Keys are for the Mac-Address 000AB3022955.
                        You can download all 19 paid logic blocks (and the free ones) here:

                        Product: 11895 Auerswald COMfortel IP
                        Key: 822b3e11918a1ac4f5ed415da6775ac9e75c93c257482e6f779c6202b556540d6b1ba5c08f65bc13408e8cadb4b14c9fee5bf70b554df9f0886de0b56b28a340

                        Product: 11899 Einschalthelligkeit Tag-Nacht
                        Key: 1318abd05a54c9720f68e59de351ad746e2b8c75a9a90bb9b6c9069b444aff4bc1dfdcee0a3e3180e1ae920143fa4519e8b5604a6b01c1bb7f0c75218e032ce

                        Product: 13666 Musik Sensorsteuerung
                        Key: 4ad76558072853f6fb204f769c7c49d87589b9225b5154da98f36137a90ab3c183f3cb3db98e2b5a887bcae08fa51114db44d75d162f65f1af2ba33f8f77900c

                        Product: 13667 Mehrfachklick
                        Key: 48a06ac4292448a754be96af9639e9d62466dbefaa3a8867d036f286985ee8764dad4d0c1a642dcb11f3cbae82d81285ec45d04fe417624b330abd86090fb8b2

                        Product: 13668 Gartenbewaesserung
                        Key: 050297970d15eac4737a4acbb436fb76a92588b195632103f2e0e551ceae888e3a1ce7229de42e6864704c3e7804f42a9dcf3754eb83a88c792e899048214adf

                        Product: 13669 Stoermeldungen
                        Key: 12a18663a3ec02db72ba8e9af0efd2a635899a5223f184b26308b6c82e202f364f0625e88f8090a1bfaae7c1b3473e3e2ccac400a47022e4a89ac3638e6ce2c5

                        Product: 13670 Szenen Lernsperre
                        Key: c580fad160950a21bc8215ffb226e1fe39c4a0a723cd743079627af81a92d214cb7dae8ef4994fe7906b68a8056bf5f797812cd9db59b23aa02a5d3c21620587

                        Product: 13671 Beschattungsautomatik A
                        Key: 9b287dca9f11e81eeefdfe202d057541d6b9ce641973ee9273608af53843ee28d8f930853850afa6da1c33c5e25a55052df34c3047b32629f21a0fc8e9aefd50

                        Product: 13691 Beschattungsautomatik B
                        Key: f9587dd64afe8c84d2441fe24f662de1603f6db115c13a0504619f9f2fb2b4d3a94fe2fcf8218c23a53346125639518871e927b2d5b760eceb504612d9da0cb4

                        Product: 13680 HS-Info
                        Key: 061671e2e3375a8e3d3f6e1bd5998c04d587e4a929258974fa9349bcbd3731f57a2eba283a1bcc20da6d9a85e20cb35cd06b22d74eaac37b2c45d66184e79604

                        Product: 13681 UDP-Sender
                        Key: a916a5b1f7809c5656139059dec723c672481f77ec4b981f532c7083b75405e336abe288bece99f16c8334d1aca9de5d6fe16a9d9bc6abfff1b7391c5784f201

                        Product: 13682 Ping
                        Key: 7e4901d085a9f9214138cb960e5d8da14205b0c1cf2badb307219663ee977af2597a9574fc1c042080f18b4e4596cf53d55125f9950d3fe3a7679287ecee21cf

                        Product: 13684 RGB Farbgenerator
                        Key: fece26686f74aa2333dfaf8614d9f48aa091d27e9b979c751dd6358903df0856dc6c3d5b3eb0a46d8bf235bcf2f50c2fa0fba62d15fc1d4ff05f5aa87ecf1e16

                        Product: 13685 Wecker
                        Key: d62cc22301a1a74779f6d4a6df6123d12219875f1a7323e68470e2f3540d21dd6185f300b868162238948db34da216b127c635c5c40a22f0bcb133625737c1cc

                        Product: 13686 Betriebsmodusumschaltung
                        Key: 67d0f9b7d5610a170bd0345c3145a5181936232d377f50712b85a6e02f9a1fac1073bc21aab982d888fbd224d23c53bde947444cf34c1c4a2b1efed8e190af34

                        Product: 13690 Sequenzer
                        Key: dcbde2b9ba301f06fce8b8fa4f95b3c8358d5519d2794fdfb621bc0f5cec5a15a9162548cfad037924a017898fb59a3f9ede7b99e45487622deecb9b3bf3c08e

                        Product: 13692 SonneMond
                        Key: 10ca859dfdae084f952f3e297b1bb9e1d0f66fd8089d985f7afaa8bb75468b84a794d62f754a33fb2aa616b50db3d1428021b05e9f8179c284e000054f68da74

                        Product: 14030 RouterOS
                        Key: 97273122461a83b40b8bab3186abeb7a9e0c3b9385ff631f0964f0a191f6f114d4c32f77e2abba4d03e206796b0f52d637bac76c9e7fc1f59373136cc32a05e7

                        Product: 14031 Nuki-Bridge
                        Key: 2711e57a6fe810935e25b61052f2929ce39705a6d63480a8ad3b76caa46497537bed9546fe95525ee6e5046bec5d52704da15296c6d5d070f242fc812b3d77a8

                        Have a great day :)

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                          Hi m00,

                          the downloadlink for the groot QC-Plugins are not working any more.
                          Can you share the necessary Files?

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                            I have uploaded a backup of the plugins here:

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                              Big thank you for sharing the plugins here!

                              I was wondering if anyone has the plugins from the gira appshop and could share these here too?
                              Specifically I am looking for the template for their firealarm modules:

                              It’s not that they are expensive, most of them are free or a 5€ product. Yet, gira is only allowing a download after you spend hours in training courses (total nonsense in my oninion)… In case Gira is reading this, stop this crap and sell the things for 50€ to anyone, you will make more money this way ;)

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                                Hi everybody,
                                has someone got the HS-Logic “Energiezähler”? or other KNET-Logics?


                                Thx and happy new year

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                                  Thank you very much for your work.
                                  Do you also have the key for the “Alarmzentrale 11885”?

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