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    @strupp3003 Thanks for your information. I do not use ESXi, but there may be a few that could use this manual. I think they used VMware workstation in the past to import the image to ESXi.

    As you already found out, busybox is a really lightweight Linux and can not run much. So I fear it will not be possible to run the vmtools without bigger efforts. But as I already included all necessary drivers I don’t think it will offer much benefit.
    Keep in mind that the ssh access doesn’t have write access to most of the folders, as they are mounted from a sqs filesystem at boot time.

    Also I don’t think it offers much use to increase the disk size. HS before 4.08/4.09 even had only 1GB of data space, this was then increased to more than 3GB by repartitioning. You can always increase the disk space on your own if you really think you need more, but I will leave the image at the default HS-size.