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    I can’t really help with the baos device as I never used it, but regarding the slow download:
    What do you define as slow? Some devices can take 30-90 seconds for a full download because KNX is a slow (but resilient) bus.

    Are you using the baos 773 as an IP interface for programming the bus? The device supports long frames which means its the fastest way of programming.

    I don’t think you need NAT for a local communication from ETS to the integrated IP Interface of the baos 773. (If that’s what you’re trying to do) you should be able to connect via IP tunneling if you enter the IP.
    Are you sure you entered the correct IP?

    Edit: you can use a tool like advanced IP scanner to verify the IP you are trying to connect to is really the weinzierl 773. I don’t know if this device has KNX Secure, that could also be an issue (KNX IP secure could interfere with you trying to connect)

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