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    Hi, thanks for the replies

    @m00 ip is correct


    Yes, in fact I think it’s a “parrales” problem too, these days I’ll trying to play a bit.. I was fine without windows but with this ets I’m forced.. :C

    Yes, in addition to being slow, I find the programming system for hooking groups and devices very convoluted, probably because I’m an old-fashioned programmer.. I would have preferred a configuration file and I’m not a mess of device associations ..

    I bougth buy the baos to have the possibility in the future to create some “routines” on a LAMP server but I didn’t know the home assistant yet and so I think it’s useless at the moment, but let’s see in the future who knows maybe I can think of something..

    However for now I’m disappointed.. I took 5 “se multitouch pro”, they cost a fortune and the lcd that you attach to the arduino is better.. that sucks

    another thing, for load management I took a hager te331 module, but how do I have to do the wiring of the wires? there are no screw terminals, what are they for cables with a single interlocking rigid copper wire?


    Ok network problem solved, in fact it was just a parallels setting..

    So is it true that if a hacker changes your password, the devices can be thrown away?

    I’ll add another question so as not to create more posts..

    I set the push-button panel to the dimmer actuator, everything is ok, when I press the button the light and a red LED come on, however I noticed that if I remove the power and put it back on the light goes on but the button LED stays off, so I thought about sending them the status value cyclically from the dimmer, but is that correct? How many seconds should I do this? Are there better solutions?

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