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    Multi-Touch Pro: Hmm, I never saw it in action but the screen resolution looks not very good. At least it seems to be fast responding.
    As for the price, I don’t think it’s expensive compared to other devices of this type, but I think vendors need to pay alot of money to KNX.

    Hacking KNX: When portforwarding port 3671 from the internet to your KNX IP router, your whole installation can be “hacked”, in fact they do not hack the devices but set random device passwords and you cannot program the devices anymore. And yes, there is no “reset” button on the devices. So do NOT forward port 3671. If you need to program your system from external, use VPN.

    I have no clue about the hager te331, but the manual shows how to wire it and an electrician should understand the manual ;)

    You can setup what a KNX device should do on powerup. Some devices (like switching actuator with bistable relais) can hold their state when power recycles, not sure about your dimmer. My MDT dimmers can also remember the last value, when KNX power returns they set the last known value and also send the status to the bus, so the switches know. It may be some parameter you are missing. I would not send status object to the bus permanently, only on change, or you may pollute and slow down your bus when many devices are connected.