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    Hello there,

    i have a question i guess i cannot ask in a KNX user forum.

    I rund ETS 5.7.2 + fix on a virtual machine. Unfortunatel i deleted it, but i have a plenty of backups containing each increment i made.
    My current problem: I don’t get ETS running anymore, or to be more detailled, i can’t import any of my latest backups on a re-installation, even with using the same installation files + fix.

    But i’m not sure if it isn’t a problem of Dot Net Framework (I will abbreviate it as “DNF”). At least google brings a lot of matches menntioning DNF when searching for:

    “Ein Aufrufziel hat einen Ausnahmefehler verursacht.” respectivly “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.”

    Unfortunately I cannot remember the version of DNF that was installed on VM. What i can say, DNF V4.6.1 included in ETS572 setup does not work.
    It even cannot be installed as the download link used seems can’t be called from setup. So in installed this version manually.

    It still can’t import backups of my knx project on a blank VM where only ETS is installed
    It also can’t be read on another VM witch ETS updatet from 505 to 572, as i guess to remember that i did it the same update with the VM i deleted.
    But what’s suspecious, with this V505-V572 installation i can import backups of V566 i used in the meantime (until i got errors while adding new products to my project, which forced me to update to V566+fix and lateron V572).

    Does someone know this error message?