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    Hi I’m a new member, primarily asdfasdfasd for the excellent work and for sharing everything with the forum. And I congratulate the creators of the forum, which I have found very useful and interesting on many subjects.

    Also I wanted to ask if anyone had found a way to be able to switch projects from an unlicensed ETS6 to a licensed one.
    I should recover 4-5 projects I had on ETS5, they managed to pass them without problems on ETS6 without a license but I can’t pass them on ETS6 with a license, does anyone have any tips?

    I’ve already read some forum pages and tried some of your suggestions including the method that worked with ETS5 but doesn’t seem to work on 6, unfortunately.

    Do you have any advice on the matter?

    Sorry, my English is not very good and I got help from google translate.