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    @Albert, @rb4, @sinn3r, the guys who are running at a Futro (real like hardware) have it running under 4.12
    The message “The system is going down now.. SIGTERM to all processes, SIGKILL to all processes, Requesting system reboot” looks like after mounting the filesystem, right?

    Is it because the project is read after mounting the filesystem and then it does some hack-attempt detection and does a kill -9 in from the new firmware/software code?
    Or is it earlier? Will the new software just detect a not-original filesystem and then do a kill -9 ?

    I am also in doubt if the Linux Kernel (Debian) is sending this KILL signal or is it from the new Homeserver software/firmware (as a sort of hack attemt detection).
    If it’s from the Linux Kernel, then we probably do something wrong and might need to update drivers or kernel version.
    However, if it’s from the new Homeserver software, then we need to check WHERE it is ‘thinks’ it is not running original Hardware… The FUTRO runs at 4.12 so we can see if we can modify some parameters on the FUTRO system (larger filesystem) or adding a non-original LAN interface like USB LAN. If it crashes then we know that it will detect these things now as ‘not original’…