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Chromecast or AirPlay in different VLAN on a Cisco Switch (>IOS15.2)

There are many questions on using a Chromecast or AirPlay devices (like the new Sonos devices with Airplay2) on a different VLAN.  First of all, I think it is a good habbit to put all your IoT devices in a separate VLAN since it's easier to manage, protect/secure and isolate.; IoT devices often use [...]

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Homeserver that Powers on Samsung TV with Chromecast

When I touch my Tastsensor near my bed with the “Wake up” scene, the light swiches on, the bathroom lights switches on and in the Kitchen the Light and the TV should switch on. Problem with Samsung TVs (and a lot of other brands) is that they don’t do Wake-on-Lan [...]

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Gira HS Beta 4.111 and presentation leaks..

Back as never before with this new blog. Upcomming weeks a lot of news, cool stuff and hacks will be posted here! I’m full with ideas and supported by many of you who e-mail me with secrets and hacks. Last christmas ‘Cuteboy E***’ sent me links to: Gira Beta presentation, framework, documentation and examples of [...]

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New mainboard in Samsung TV and the Secret Service Menu

I repaired a broken Samsung TV (UE55ES8000) last month, however the same instructions should apply to other Samsung models. The TV made a ‘clicking sound’ all the time and couldn’t turn ON or OFF. The screen stayed black. My first thought was the Power board, a dried capacitor, a (physical) broken part on it or [...]

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Zehnder/StorkAir MX110 Roof ventilation

I needed a proper roof ventilation to cool my server room. Noice (dB) and power usage are the most important factors for me. I tested many options and finally bought a Zehnder/StorkAir MX110 Fan. This fan is really quiet, has low power usage and you can buy these quite cheap [...]

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Pinout for RJ45 cable between Moxa Terminal server and Cisco/HP Console port

I recently build an Out-of-Band (OOB) management network for Utrecht University with Moxa Terminal servers (CN2610-16-2AC). The Moxa Terminal servers had all RJ45 (serial) ports. However, connecting it with a normal network cable, a cross-cable cable or a Rollover cable didn’t work. I found the pinout and made a drawing of it in case you [...]

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SQL Server + FileStream + IFilters

I’ve scanned all my documents (incomming invoices) in TIFF but also have a lot of documents in PDF and DOC(X) format. Now when something gets broke and I need to return it to the shop I’m often looking for that invoice, sometimes I don’t even know at which shop I bought it. Imagine I could [...]

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