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You’re most probably missing some dependencies. I ran some preliminary tests with a clean debian 6.0.7 i386 installation and only minimal changes seem to be needed:

1) Install debian squeeze using the netinstall ISO on your VM. I went with Roel’s suggestion of using two disks: /dev/vda for the OS installation, /dev/vdb for use by hs_main

2) You need a valid MAC for this to work. hs_main seems to be OK with ifconfig reporting the MAC address in lowercase now

3) Copy the following directories from the firmware image to the root of your filesystem: /hs and /scripts

4) run: “apt-get install python-imaging”

5) Provided your MAC is valid, running /scripts/ will go through the initialization procedure and then start hs_main

6) Symlinking doesn’t really work right for block devices, use a hex editor to change all instances of /dev/hdb or /dev/hdc in the hs_main binary to whatever you’re using. If I’m not mistaken, it was Borgal who first suggested doing this, so the credit goes to him (or her).

P.S. I used the image for HS3, not HS4.