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    Does anyone have a original mirror/clone of the HS 4 disk partions?
    I will run it on a:
    – Fujitsu D3003-S1
    – SATA flash module 16Gb
    – 4Gb SO-DIMM DDR

    Which is almost OEM hardware, except for the SSD flash module, instead of the mSATA/mini PCI-e.

    Will I have problem with the MAC adress/serial when running on original HW? As I read the hs_main checks DMI. Maybe running “OEM” hardware, we won’t have this problem?

    Anyway, I would appriciate if someone could tell me where to find mirror/clone of the original Hs 4 partitions..

    I don’t want to run a virtual machine, I want to run native and if possible, upgrade through expert tool.

    If you want to send me E-mail, you can to it here: “m [dot] cheraghi [at] hotmail [dot] com”

    Very best regards, and merry christmas!

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    Ok, I managed to build a homeserver on Fujitsu HW but I have a problem.
    My partition table is like this:

    DOM SSD 8Gb

    C: – Primary – Active – Freedos (boot partition)
    E: – Primary – Gira FW 4.2
    F: – Primary – Empty
    G: – Primary – Empty

    When I boot Freedos and go to the E: and run the dolinux2.bat my system reboot immdietly, no message, no nothing. Just a reboot and I’m back to Freedos on C: again, the HS never even start to run

    However, if Boot the system, through a USB stick with Freedos installed on it then I’m able to run the dolinux2.bat and I get 3 double beeps and I get to the HS “main screen”
    I’ve been able to make a new small project with only IP settings and transfered it to the HS with Serial-cable with no problem.

    This way the HS working, but I would like to not boot from USB stick, but from the actual Freedos located on the C: of my SSD drive.

    Any suggestions?

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    Look at post 1170 an use she usb stick

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