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      Hi all,

      Sorry if this has been covered but I looked through the entire comments thread and there seemed to be some conflicting opinion. Can you run the HS (3 or 4) connected to the bus through a USB interface? Most seemed to say it didn’t work with a lone few claiming they managed it without much detail.


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        At least the Experte is offering an explicit option to connect to the bus through USB. I would expect that to work…

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          The problem, at least when running the HS as a VM, is that the HS connects to the wrong USB-device.  I also read the posts that this should be possible to alter.

          However, since I was starting the HS by ISO-file mount to the virtual CD-rom, I was not able to edit the file needed (no access to the linux system before the HS main starts.

          A workaround is to make your own KNX IP-GW, by using a Raspbarry PI and the EIBD software. I got that to work, at least I managed to use the ETS to program the KNX-bus through that IP-gw. The HS can then talk to this IP-GW over multicast.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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