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      Hi everyone!
      I have taken opportunity to look at my friends Gira HS. I am rather new to this platform, since I would not be able to persuade myself to buy MiniITX computer for 2500€, but that does not matter as long as it works.
      My friend has rather complex system in his house and he had a tech, that did all of the programming for him. Now the tech is lost somewhere and I am preparing myself to look at that system. I would not want to make everything from scratch, but so far as I have heard, he is missing admin password for the system.
      I have taken backup of the drive. His system is fairly new, with msata drive and 2 configuration partitions (850MB each)- got some data restored from one of these partitions – mainly GPL licence txt files and pictures. Nice to see that gpl software is used in a very expensive product – will forward my findings to the guy that went after Pace for that reason. Cannot figure out partition format, since these partitions are not mounted, but used directly in hs_main. Has anyone done the same thing and got better resuts, than I did?

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