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    I also have version 1.1.111129, for me it works with the XGW-3000 (and the latest firmware) on HS 4.5.

    I also have the XGW-3000 (had lots of trouble with the XGW-2000 before).

    In Experte (QC Config):
    Gateway IP Address:
    Gateway port: 80
    Account: Password: Gateway Multicast IP Address:
    Gateway Multicast Port: 2810 (I have seen different configs but they do NOT work!)
    Gateway Notifications Priotity: 1
    Gateway Notifications Storage Period: 30

    Make sure you have the latest Miele XGW-3000 firmware. I know there were a few firmwares which didn’t work anymore (broke) the QC Plugin.
    I am running firmware 2.0.7 (But i know that 2.0.6 was also working)

    Settings of the XGW-3000 Gateway:
    Settings -> Other Settings

    (DO NOT CHECK) Homebus login active
    (DO NOT CHECK) Homebus send all information
    (Check!) Homebus Event Notification Active

    Then in my gateway, the “Homebus API 1.1 (GIRA)” is selected in the pulldown menu, although there are no other items in the list.