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    The updat HS4.7 is running in a vmware fusion VM and it works, can reach it, changed mac adress etc. Can upload a project with experte 4.7. But I have one problem; it does not send telegrams to the KNX network….
    I have a Homeserver 1 as gateway (that one is connected via serial), also a MDT KNX gateway and a EIBD running on a VM. The project is accepting the various gateways but it simply oes not work.
    I can see not bus traffic in ETS 4, but I do see some sort of traffic on the EIBD monitor. But it shows only messages with a “Recv (017) : lot of hex” and never a msg like ” Send (016) : lots of hex” THose messages come from the KNX network or from my old (hardware) HS 1.
    Does anybody have a clue where this is going wrong?