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    I ask you the question anyway and I hope you can help me…

    the heating system will be performed with an toshiba estia air/water pdc and 5 fan coils..

    I took 5 actuators abb fcc/s1.3.1.1 with 1 relay output, 2 outputs 0-10 and 4 temperature/binary inputs..

    first question:

    in the case of heating mode I initially thought of taking a minimum sensor and connecting it to the binary input and then creating a forced action, however since my house is quite isolated I would like to circulate water below 40° and I am afraid of having problems with the long time if not immediately with the contact since they reach maximum closure at 35°.

    so I thought of connecting a pt100 and transmitting the signal at 4-20ma but I don’t want to buy other devices so the only one is to connect the probe directly with a shielded cable, I don’t think I can exceed 20m from the furthest fancoil and I saw that there they are off set parameters to calibrate the values..

    second question:

    since I have the 0-10v valve outputs and the actuators in question are very expensive, I found a supplier on aliexpress with a model including a 1/2″ valve around €60, therefore of dubious quality.. the device has a relay output which is activated only in the heating phase and is therefore intended for a resistance and I could not use it to activate a valve in summer mode..

    is there a way to hook up a 230 tube?

    I hope I made myself understood..

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