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    Hi @asdfasdfasd,
    did you get the 750mA from the diagnosis of the power supply or by manually calculating the devices or from the ETS calculation?
    I have a line with 86 devices and the power usage is about 400mA, max. ever was 710mA, which was the powerup usage after a line reset I think.
    The power supplies can handle short overpowerings.
    The official way is to add a line coupler in the middle or your bus and add the second power supply in the second line, which makes everything much more complicated.
    The inofficial way is to add both power supplies to your primary line. This has been discussed in another forum several times.
    The best way is to diagnose your real power usage and keep relaxed ;)
    The perfect way is to get one larger power supply (960/1280mA), I prefer Enertex.