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    Not sure where you read that 2x 320mA, as long as you don’t use the secondary auxiliary output, it can output 640mA to the bus.
    It’s a pity you bought a power supply without diagnosis feature, as this would measure the real usage of the devices.

    This is what ABB writes:
    We advise that you ensure your installation complies with the recommendations of the KNX Association and the
    applicable standards:
    • Use only one KNX power supply per KNX line.
    • If the number of KNX devices exceeds the capacity of a KNX power supply, replace the supply with one that has a
    higher rated current or expand your KNX system with an additional KNX line that has its own KNX power supply.
    Generally speaking, up to two ABB i-bus® KNX power supplies may be switched in parallel on one KNX line. In such cases, the
    rated current of the ABB i-bus® KNX power supplies in use does not matter. In other words, two different ABB i-bus® KNX power
    supplies may be switched in parallel. No minimum spacing is required during installation.
    Please note (applies to all KNX manufacturers) that parallel switching reduces the overall impedance of a line regardless of rated
    current. Switching more than two KNX power supplies in parallel also significantly reduces the transmission range of the KNX

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