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      Raymarine Axiom(+)and CZone
      Some time ago I bought myself a Raymarine Axiom for one of our rescue boats. I wanted to have all (old school) switches being replaced with digital ones. So I bought CZone Contact 6 Plus. It has 6 output relays on which you can connect your Bilge pump, Radio, board lights, etc.

      Downloading the CZone sofware and configure the CZone device
      I created a (free) login at czone.com and then downloaded the ‘CZone Configuration Software’ to configure the CZone Contact 6 Plus. You can also update the unit with the latest firmware. This is all free.
      To configure CZone devices (or update the firmware) you need a VERY expensive cable ($600 !!), which is a sort of USB<--->NMEA2000 cable. The official CZone part nummer is: USB CAN Adapter (Part # 80-911-0044-00).
      However, I bought another cable which is EXACTLY the same, but it’s called: “Simrad ST10 Programming Toolkit (SKU: 000-00020-001)” (Price is still $145, but you could buy it cheaper on Ebay)
      Please, look very good. There are also AT10 and other cables which look the same, but that are different cables and do not work!

      Getting Raymarine’s CZone graphics Tool
      Now you have configured (addresses) your outputs, you want that nice visualisation on your Axiom. You can enable digital switching in the Axiom but that doesn’t display a nice screen, it has just some ugly switches which you can name.
      For high-end boats, Raymarine advertises with those nice pages which you can display on the Axiom. You can show the amount of fuel in your tank, the battery voltage and click on the navigation lights to turn on the lights.
      They want you to contact a dealer for that and let them configure this for you. They will probably start a project and charge you a HUGE amount of money for that. If you’re like me, you want to do this yourself! :)
      The software that Raymarine uses for this is called: Raymarine Graphic Tool. This tool is priopriatary and you can’t buy it. I asked them several times why they don’t drop this as a public download but they won’t.
      So I googled… and googled.. and then suddenly I found these Mega shares:

      Raymarine Graphics Tools Beta 1.0 (.exe, don’t use this one, use the v1.1)

      Raymarine Graphics Tools v1.1 (.exe)


      CZone Integration Introduction.pptx (Powerpoint presentation)

      What causes a CZone configuration conflict.pptx (Powerpoint presentation)

      I decided to share my simple Google results with you because I believed this should be open to public and technical guys like you who want to try it themselves. I would advice everyone to check these links while they are still working and share it using mirrors.

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        The above post has already won my post of the year award! Epic work @roeller!

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          PS. I heard these files come from Sander Emonts (Phone: +31 26-3614905) at RayMarine Benelux (Phone: +31 26-361 4242) in Velp, The Netherlands.

          Normally he/they only give this sofrware to ‘Blanken Maritiem Service’ at Sneek, which is a Raymarine dealer/partner.

          That same dealer/partner is also selling to the consumer market under the name of: ‘raymarine-shop.nl’, although they are a bit picky in who they give a USB stick with this software… well, now you can buy it in their online store or on Ebay and program it yourself :)

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