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    some guys made it to run HS 4.0 original firmware on native hardware (no VM image or linux installation) – so firmware update is possible

    a valid Mainboard is the following:

    Fujitsu D3003-S1 (€160)

    copyprotection is not based on MAC adress but on dmidecode
    it is possible to program a new serial (one time only!)
    if it doesn’t work the trick is to flash a new bios and then you can change the serial once again

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    How can I install the firmware?

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    i use a Dell Optiplex FX 160 (it was cheap to get on ebay) and a 2 GB SSD in it.
    i start with the vmware image from here and copy it with DD to a 4 GB USB Stick.

    Then boot a Partion Live Image and shrink the partions to fit into 2 GB.
    After that copy with DD the USB Stick to the internal SSD Drive an voila it works :-)

    now i hope Update 4.2 next month will work anymore so i can use nativ Push in Gira App without my workaround.

    And a friend of mine told me there is a chance to get the HomeServer as a Software only Product in future (to Run on NAS Devices etc.)