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      wolfman apologize but I can not find Post 1500 and 1850. the firmware needs to be changed or just install hs 4.o ?
      you can write back in German or we can make a new Thread for hs4 Hardware in German?

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        I have the same Hardware like you – an FX 160 and would like to get the HomeServer fit on my 2 GB Drive.

        With DD Copy I have no glue at all how to do this.
        And with Clonezilla I never got a backup on my USB Drive,…

        In the VMWare Image there are 3 partitions
        1,4 GB
        1 GB
        1 GB

        Please can you or somebody else write a Step by Step tutorial how to shrink / clone the VMWare Image to a 2 GB Disc.


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          first of all – many thanks for your work, with your work i managed to install an HS3 and later an HS4 on a vmware virtual machine :) and it run’s very smooth.

          Now i try to install the HS4 on a VIA Epia ML6000eag Board (100% compatible with the original Hardware)
          I changed the mac address of the NIC with the eeprom.exe and change the serial number of the mainboard with the smbcfg.exe :)
          I have a Compact Flash Card with 4GB on the 3th IDE port with 4 Partitions.
          32MB (FAT), 256MB (FAT) and 2x 1770MB (FAT).
          Than i install with a DOS 6.22 Boot Disk a DOS on the first partition (format c: /q /s), put the firmware files on it and copy the DOLINUX2.BAT to autoexec.bat.

          All runs perfect, but if i got to the expert 4.4 software and transfer my project to the compact flash all right but after a reboot it won’t boot ?
          I think they overwrite my partitions ? If i look on the Partition with gparted the first 3 partitions are unknown.
          Have you a trick for this problem ?
          Or is here a original image from the HS4 Server ?


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            Does anybody have an original HS4 disk image or backup? The first partition would be helpful.

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              I see you can ‘buy’ a pre-installed Flash disk (in case your old one is broken;)) from:

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                OK, i see this – but i already bought a DOM with 128MB.
                So perhaps is there anybody with an original image of an HS4 ?

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                  What do you think of the Gira Homeserver 4 clones from *bay, is it worth it?
                  I would like to replace my HS3 (epia ML…) which worked fine for 5 years now, but seems that the powersupply will die soon, it has a buzzing noise.

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                    I would just replace the power supply. There is ZERO reason to change the rest. HS4 is just a new board, because the HS3 board was no longer available to Gira.

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