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      1) Understanding
      A Dutch (Belgium) manual explaining the Homeserver, Experte Software, how to program/configure, etc.
      Mirror download:

      2) Address your devices (program the devices, give it a 3 number ‘address’ like “2.3.1”) using ETS software:

      3) Build a Homeserver and import the devices/address. Now it’s time to create the logic (bind switches to actors, create time schemes, etc.)

      Here is a YouTube video about how to setup the homeserver (using the free Gira Experte software and IMPORT the addresses in it which you gave to the devices using the ETS4 software).

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        I’ve download the HS4 software. When I unzip the files in the folder ‘hs2_hs3_fs3’ and the separate folder ‘hs4’, I don’t see the ‘HSERVER2.TGZ’ file.

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          Does anyone have the german eBook “Gira HomeServer Programmierung leicht gemacht” for me?

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            Hallo Krischan,
            und die F1-taste im Experten.

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