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      I hope that I post on the right category,
      I have a friend that recently buyed a house, all lights are Schneider KNX and most of actuators are from Gira, Gira 108000 data interface, ABB i-bus lan interface, jung actuator …

      From the third day when he buyed and moved it, some lamps doesn’t start …
      On living room and one bathroom (here has a presence sensor) the light doesn’t work anymore …

      after days of speaking with first owner he doesn’t want to offer password and schematics for Domotica
      we found the company that made the installation and we received all files, usernames and passwords, but they can help him because they work from 2018 only with companies.

      I forgot to say the system it’s installed from 2008 :(

      I made firmware update to server, installed all database to server, I see 3d of house but any switch that I use from Gira Server doesn’t turn on/off any light

      Gira HomeServer it’s connected to internet with manual IP and usb cable to, Gira 108000 data interface (can be that this doesn’t work?)

      ABB i-bus lan interface – I see doesn’t work correctly, because green light flashes, doesn’t take any ip, LAN/LINK led not on, KNX Telegram stay on (I think it’s broken)

      It has also an Lightec SP12 where I can dim lights, and I can also test them manually, where I see the living room and bathroom lights works …

      Anyone can help me with any hints ?
      Can be a software problem or hardware problem?
      From where should I start to digg or to replace?

      I took a DALI KNX MTN6725-0001, to try to integrate inside the sistem, to replace ABB i-bus


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