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      Hi, im having problem to connect to the home server from internet, i have port forward port 80, but cant still connect. have i missed something?

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        It can be very hard, especially when you have not registered the HomeServer in the Gira portal, which you probably didn’t because you have an educational version ;)
        I have the idea that the Gira Portal Always gives some assistance when logging in remotely (from the internet).

        What I did (and seems to help)
        – Do not enable all the designs in the Quadclient, only the ones neccessary (so if you have an iPhone, disable the iPad, Android, 1366×766,..etc). Otherwise it takes much time to load and might give a timeout.
        – Check with telnet (from the internet) is anything is listening on port 80.
        – Do you forwarded port 80, 1-on-1 ? (So, port 80 to port 80) Or did you forward port 8080 to port 80 ? Do you have router logs?
        – I’ve seen cases with mobile providers NAT’ing you 2 times which make it very hard to connect remotely, some providers (for mobile phones) offer you an APN with a public IPv4 address, that might help
        – I have ‘direct line’ in the homeserver/experte project settings. Also make sure the gateway and DNS servers are setup correctly.
        – Does it work from a PC qith the quadclient connected (from another subnet (routed) or over the internet?)

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          I also had difficulties with that. I changed the port in experte to 91, opened the port on the router and set the right connection in the network tab (standleitung)
          Also check user permissions for externe zugriff (passwort)

          worked for me….

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            i got i work now.. tanks for your help!

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