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Back as never before with this new blog. Upcomming weeks a lot of news, cool stuff and hacks will be posted here! I’m full with ideas and supported by many of you who e-mail me with secrets and hacks.

Last christmas ‘Cuteboy E***’ sent me links to:

  • Gira Beta presentation, framework, documentation and examples of the upcomming homeserver software (FeldTest2016) which has two great features: “URL Endpoints” and “HSL 2.0” (HomeServer Logikbaustein 2.0).
  • Gira Experte 4.111 Beta (including firmware 4.111)

URL endpoints allow you to direcly toggle HS-objects by HTTP or websocket, example:[email protected]_WoZi&method=toggle&

Note that HS-objects can also be the Camera-archive, Scenes or Calender.

This has endless possibilities, like IFTTT, easy integration with Amazon Echo or Apple Homekit (and Siri), Geofence-Apps, and more.
But the question is what will Gira make of it? Are they building a new VISU (instead of the QuadClient)?