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The first Gira Tastsensor I bought was a tastsensor 2.
Then Gira came with a new model: Tastsensor 3.
Unfortunatelly this new model had a different background-light color (blue) while the Tastsensor 2 was having a green background light. So I couldn’t use them next to each other and actually using them in the same room was odd looking. (this was somewhere in 2011)


Later I bought more ‘Tastsensor 3 comfort’ and ‘Tastsensor 3 plus’ devices, note that the ‘Plus’ version is having a display. They were labeled ‘I03’ which is the revision number. This I03 revision had a lot of problems with hanging status LEDs which won’t turn on or off anymore after using them for a few months (see here for a topic about it).


Then Gira came with a new I05 revision. I bought a few and noticed these were having plastic clips. Mounting these on the bus coupler and removing them was so hard you think they’ll break.
A litte later Gira switched back to the steel clips, thank god.
Then Gira released an ETS update of the TS3 application but only for I05 and higher (however, I tried it on a I01 and I03 which also worked, not bricked).

After the I05, Gira made an I06 and I07, all having their own problems. See the timeline below;

TS2 until 2011
TS3 I01 (2010-11)
TS3 I02 ?
TS3 I03 (2012) – major problems with status LEDs
TS3 I04 (2013)
TS3 I05 (2013-08)(some of these used plastic clips, a NoGo for installers)
TS3 I06 (issues with led/colors are still reported)
TS3 I07 (>2014-12) – mixed versions with Blue background light and Green


In the latest I07 TS3+ (plus) versions I see something in the upper left corner of the display that looks like an air bubble… not one.. All of them have it.
I bought several Tastsenor 3 Plus (I07) and Tastsensor 3 Comfort (I07) units, all of them have a different color background-led, between Green and Blue. So, nothing basicly changed from 2011, I still couldn’t use them next to each other..