Recently i installed an IBM Workplace server on CentOS with VNCServer.
The IBM Software can run on Windows as well as Linux (RedHat Enterprise or SuSe).
Because you actually have to BUY RedHat Enterprise, they say you pay for a support contract but you cannot download the install files/ISO without buying the support contract. You can only download the RedHat Enterprise source files but then you have to compile them which is a total waste of time.
So i downloaded CentOS which is almost the same. CentOS is really free and you can download the DVD IDO or installation files.

Here is the PDF file i made with a step-by-step How-To for installing CentOS, installing IBM Workplace Server and installing a VNCServer (for remote configuration). I do nothing about tuning and all the installs are quite basic. The PDF is for Newbie’s.

How To install an IBM Workplace Server.pdf

Also look at the PDF if you encounter ‘Disk is Full’ error messages during the installation of CentOS or if you have problems with configuring or connecting VNCServer (black screen/window after connecting).
Note: The installation of CentOS is in Grafics-mode. IBM Workplace server failed to install under command-line mode, after a phone call with IBM, they said it was better to install in grafics mode…