I repaired a broken Samsung TV (UE55ES8000) last month, however the same instructions should apply to other Samsung models.
The TV made a ‘clicking sound’ all the time and couldn’t turn ON or OFF. The screen stayed black. My first thought was the Power board, a dried capacitor, a (physical) broken part on it or a software problem.
I took the TV from the wall, removed the back cover of it and saw 2 boards: a Power board and a System board. No damage, No dried capacitors, No black/fried parts.. I even tried to clear the EEPROM by shorting the VCC and SDA pin on the systemboard but No success..
Shortcut pins to Clear EEPROM on Samsung ES7000/ES8000 TV

Read below how I fixed it.

Luckely I just found a post somewhere from another guy who replaced his power board and didn’t solve the problem, so I tried my luck on a new System board (bought from Ebay for about 130$, model: BN41-01800B, manufactured 2012-02)

After replacing the mainboard, it worked again!

However, I noticed the following:

  • The HD channels were somewhere in the 900’s numbers.
  • When installing the channels I had the option to select my region: German, Austria, Switzerland. My region (The Netherlands) was not in the list.
  • While the clock and timezone were set to AUTO, the clock of the TV was 1 hour behind. So I had to set the timzone manually.
  • In the settings menu there is a ‘contact Samsung’ page, it showed the wrong model number. I have a ES8000 and it showed ES7000.

The reason was that the System board I just replaced came from another country (via Ebay) and probably came from a different TV model.
No problem, you can change the model and region of the System board in a secret menu :)

I first tried the tool ruSamsungTVCommunicator but it doesn’t work anymore on the latest firmware like the ‘2021’. Problem is that it doesn’t accept the secret codes via the network interface anymore so I had to use another method using IR:

  1. Turn Off the TV.
  2. Press: INFO -> MENU -> MUTE -> POWER (from your remote control). The TV will enter a service menu now, however to UNLOCK the settings in the menu, you need to follow the next steps;
  3. Look for a Samsung Galaxy Device with an Infrared port on it, i borrowed it from someone since IPads/IPhone’s don’t have such a port. A Galaxy Tab S tablet, Galaxy S3, S4 or S6 phone work fine!
  4. Download, unpack and install IR Service Remote on your tablet/phone (just open this page from your tablet/phone and click the .apk file in the .zip archive to install. I got this file from the AIO Download App).
  5. Get in front of the TV with the IR port of the phone/tablet pointed to the TV and press S2 -> S3 (this sends the factory key and the 3 speed key to the TV). Now you can enter and change all settings.
  6. In the first menu you can see the model and the region. (I changed my model from ES7000 to ES8000 and the REGION to EU_BENELUX). To change it use the left/right arrow keys. Then I choose ‘ Reset to Factory’ from the same menu. The TV went off.
  7. I turned on the TV and after looking at the small animation I was able to setup my channels in the Dutch order/positions. The settings page showed the correct TV Model and my clock/timezone was fine again.

Thanks to Samygo website for the photo and information.