One year ago, the main domain name of my company was hijacked, fortunately we monitor those things and I was on time to prevent a little disaster.
The company who initiated this hijacking was Trans IP, one of the larger hosting companies in The Netherlands. I thought it was my duty to write a little comment at the ‘independant’ webhosting-compare site: about this hijacking.

A few months later i noticed there was a reaction on the site from Trans IP. I gues their marketing department was trying to get the negative feedback off the web. One week later i got an email from Dennis, he was a Trans IP customer and had some complaints and experienced weird things with Trans IP, so he also wrote a comment at

He also got a reaction (fax1 and fax2) from Trans IP and had to remove his comment at or he got a lawsuit. He did because he didn’t want any further problems and moved to another webhoster.

It is probably disturbing the people at Trans IP that when you google their name there were plenty of negative stories on them, instead of lifting their service to a higher level they decided to remove the negative content and threat with lawsuits..