Recently I tried to update the software of my Wii game console which was no as user-friendly as i thought it would be.

Since I have no USB/LAN cable adapter so the only way is the WiFi way.. (i personally think there is nothing better and more stable than a good old cable, but we will try WiFi for now..)

In the Wii Menu, I searched for AccessPoints (i needed to do that several times before the one i wanted was in the list).
When i tried to ‘Test the Connection’, my Wii gave me "Error 52035" every time. When i looked at my DHCP server, it didn’t issue a IP Address at all (the Wii didn’t sent a DHCP Discover). So the WiFi connection was not even made..

I have several Asus AccessPoints at my house which are flashed with DD-WRT’s firmware, so i had a lot of advanced options; i tried everything.

These are the options which are really important (if nothing will work, try these options, then try upgrading the options);

  • Preamble: "Long".
  • Basic Rate: "1-2" (also see:
  • Transmission Rate: "2" (you can try to set this higher later)
  • Wireless Mode: First try "B-only", later try Mixed (G-only will not work most of the times, depending on your AP hardware)
  • ENTER A SHORT SSID NAME WITHOUT SPECIAL CHARACTERS! (no spaces or dashes!, just try "standef" or something. Even no capitals, try only lower-case first!