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    HI.. as far as I know node red is just a js library, how does it interface with KNX? In my case I have the BAOS that acts as a bridge ..

    What I’d like to do but I don’t have time, would be to create a device (ARDUINO or similar) that is directly connected to the BUS as if it were any other DEVICE, that can be programmed like a controller.. so as to have the boot speed advantage (a few seconds and not minutes like a server) and to overcome the limit of ridiculous and convoluted settings that you have with ETS..

    Basically I would have a device that would go against the KNX logic a bit, as I would no longer have the independence of the single device, but it would be a completely different thing, with infinite advantages..

    I thought ABB was the best, I bought 5 fancoil modules, in the end they don’t include the fact of not starting the fancoil fan if the water temperature is not yet hot, absurd (ABB don’t they reply to the email.)

    Did I say something wrong?