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      take a look at “C:\ProgramData\KNX\ETS5\ProjectStore” and figure it out

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        Hello, people of Earth.

        I have installed ETS SDK recently and made wrappings in JavaScript(using Jint interpreter) for some Sdk functions.
        md5 hash: 3d8fce6050db844c16c45fd257ccb12d

        Archive contains project source code and compiled binaries, zipped into .etsapp container.

        All of these I developed and compiled in MicroSoft Visual Studio Community edition, which is free to use for physical person.

        As and editor I used AvalonEdit and Ctrl+Space inside text area should show helper with commands.

        I didn’t use it with ETS, but, guessing, it is working (at least source code is ok).

        As a general reminder: always make backups for your own good.

        Simple example:

        createGroupAddress("2/3/4", "meoow");

        More complex example(create group addresses and link comm objects for device):

        let device = "1.1.1";
        let range = "1/1"; let i = 0;
        let info = getDeviceInfo(device);
        writeln(JSON.stringify(info, null, 2));
        info.communication_objects.forEach(function(co) {
        	let addr = range + i;
        	createGroupAddress(addr, co.text);
        	link(device, co.number, addr);

        Last one:

        // now a quick way to swap communication objects -
        // for example you need to swap two push buttons on device
        function swapCo(device, num1, num2) {
        	let info = getDeviceInfo(device);
        	writeln(info, 1);
        	let co1 = null;
        	let co2 = null;
        	info.communication_objects.forEach(function(co) {
        		if (co.number === num1)
        			co1 = co;
        		else if (co.number === num2)
        			co2 = co;
        	if (co1 === null || co2 === null)
        		return writeln("some of comm objects not found");
        	co1.links.forEach(function(l) {
        		unlink(device, co1.number, l);
        		link(device, co2.number, l);
        	co2.links.forEach(function(l) {
        		unlink(device, co2.number, l);
        		link(device, co1.number, l);
        swapCo("1.1.42", 17, 122);
        swapCo("1.1.42", 27, 132);
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          i copied the Data from this folder in my official version. The Project is no visible but if i try to open i get this error:

          Knx.Ets.ViewModel.UIFrameworkException: Das Projekt wurde nicht auf diesem PC importiert.

          Mr. de VoorzitterMr. de Voorzitter
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            Ik heb het programma een aantal jaar met veel plezier gebruikt, maar ik kan het opeens niet meer opstarten en krijg onderstaande foutmelding op alle computers waar ik het programma had geïnstalleerd. Hebben jullie dit ook en weet iemand een oplossing?

            Foutmelding: “Er heeft zich een fout voorgedaan. De objectverwijzing is niet op een exemplaar van een object ingesteld.”

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              Hi, ik heb hetzelfde probleem. Heeft iemand hier toevallig al een oplossing voor?

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                The solution for the error on start up is to disable your network interface (Ethernet/LAN/Wifi). Then the program will start, then you have to go to settings and disable automatic update of Catalog and also turn off KNX news on startup. After that you can enable back your network