Recently I was installing some additional RJ-45 wallmounts in my house.
I was really annoyed of Gira’s ‘solution’ to mount a Panduit CAT6a (10Gbit capable!) keystone.

I needed a screwdriver to get my cable back from the Gira wallmount. Many installers face the same problem.
I found a simple solution by replacing the plastic Gira frame by a steel Jung frame!
It fits much better, no more friction and easier to install!
The clip of the rj45 connector is lost.. The clip of the rj45 connector is lost..
The Gira plastic frame (019700) was made especially for the Panduit 10g keystones (like the Panduit CJS6X88TGY). In real-life it doesn’t fit. It will break and drop off when you push the cable a bit too hard in the wallmount..
Gira's plastic frame (left) and Jung's steel frame (right). Notice the friction.
There is a lot of friction between the keystone and th cheap Gira plastic. Notice the weak plastic clips on the Gira frame (on the right). The Jung frame has a flat front so the cover fits perfectly.
The plastic Gira frame on the left is missing a plastic clip to hold the upper side of the keystone. The Jung frame (on the right) has such a clip.

The Jung wallmount is more robust and looks less obvious.
A Gira and a Jung wallmount in a Gira Plastic Cover (Pure white glossy)
Colors are the same:
Gira: Standard 55 – Pure white glossy
Jung: A 500 – Alpine white

Below are the Gira problem parts, don’t buy them!
Gira Draagring voor Panduit Keystone Gira Wallmount
Plastic ‘ring’ SKU: 019700
Plastic cover SKU: 066303