Because i was renewing things in my home, after the electricity, it was time to do the water installation.
I decided to place a TwinTec XL2 water softener. I’m dreaming about a clear glass shower wall, a clean kettle without scale, drinking Perrier from my kitchen tap, clothes that feel softer, using less soap in my washing machine, equipment (like washing machine, kettle,..) which uses less energy and no more skin irritations.
The TwinTec XL2 removes all calcium and magnesium elements from the water. The advantage of a TwinTec XL2 above a AquaCell water softener is that it has a much higher water throughput and a separate salt resevoir.

Here you see an animation of a water softener and a movie how it works (in Dutch).

Some people place magnets on their water pipe, althought the effect of that has never been proved, it will never remove the elements from the water but only release it and after some time it will get mixed with the water again.

Here is a link to the TwinTec XL1 (I don’t see any information online about the TwinTech XL2 yet).

I will post some photos about my installation.