Childish threads about copyright on photos
Unfortunately I had to remove the photos of the Gira Homeserver 3 in the post: “Building your own Homeserver III” because Gira said it was under copyright. Gabi from Romania donated me some copyright free photos which I uploaded to the article. It’s kind of discrimiating that Gira only asks me to remove their photo’s because a Google search gives you more than 10.000 results on forums, webshops, articles and review sites (not to mention Google itself, which caches all photos, including this one).
I also had to remove the word ‘Gira’ from the title “Building your own ‘Gira’ Homeserver 3” because Gira said you can’t build your own Gira Homeserver because only Gira makes them and if someone else makes a ‘Gira’ Homeserver it wouldn’t be a Gira Homeserver but your own Homeserver. I removed the word ‘Gira’ from the title to avoid problems, even though I have the right of press freedom (this is my blog which I use as a journalistic medium) and freedom of speech.

Intimidating letter requires delete post and sign contract
Gira also demands me to delete the whole blog post, I don’t know why. It can’t be illegal to study anything you like and write about it. I do not sell hardware or software to do illegal things (like a ‘Wii-key’ or ‘Playstation chip’) but write about stuff I’m interested in. Download their threat here.
I repeat that I don’t recommend to run Gira’s propriatary software without having a license or permission from Gira. If you want a Gira Homeserver 3, just buy it. I do not encourage anyone to do illegal things, instead I recommend being enthousiastic about the Gira products and the way they made their product.

I don’t know why Gira doesn’t like the way I’m interested in the Gira Homeserver. I really liked their design, their software.. But now I doubt about writing more enthousiastic stories.

About what should we dedicate the next article ?
Maybe I’d rather write about other, cheaper, more powerfull hardware so I don’t have to deal with intimidating letters from Gira.

What would you like to be the next article?

Did you already checked out the Gira Tastsensor 3?
While some people are stuck in the ‘tast’ age, we’re already in the ‘Touch’ scene for years now.
Look at the great and powerfull Arcus-EDS 3,5″ Touchscreen at the same price (or lower) than the aged Tastsensor 3.
Arcus-EDS 3,5 Touchscreen

Still want to have that expensive clumsy 19″ Gira brick on the wall?
What about a smooth and stylish iPad (starting at € 499,-) and throwing it at the coffee table or mount it at the wall with a nice Vogels’s clip. If you still want that brick, then buy it yourself at or one of it’s resellers. Gira doesn’t make it themselves but buy them from Pro-face, see their product range here.
Vogel's iPad in the Kitchen Vogel's iPad in the Livingroom

The closed-source (propriatary) interface, is what it’s all about.
First of all, Gira didn’t develop their interface themselves but Instaver Systems did it for them.
I heard many people jailbreaking their iPhone and downloading the Gira .ipl (App) but as I said before I don’t want to do illegal things so I’m also looking for an alternative here… (please comment about which alternative you want to know more..)