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      Simply replace dmidecode by a text file which contains a valid MAC-address (echo “000Axxxxxxxxx”).
      Make sure the access rights of the new dmidecode are properly assigned. That’s it.
      Try and reply.

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        Hi ur63,
        Sorry that I have to ask but how do I replace this with a text file?
        When i type echo “00……..” and check the mac address again it isn’t changed.

        Thank you for the answer.

        Kind regards


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          Assume you followed my recommendation and created own dmidecode file with text mentioned (with for HS4 valid MAC of course!), placed it in the correct folder and assigned appropriate access rights?

          Additionally, you followed all steps written in this thread?

          If correectly done, HS4.7 should start. Does it?

          If not, what message(s) are being shown during startup?

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            Hi there,
            I was now able to edit the dmidecode file with MC. When I now run the command I get the right MAC Address.
            When I now boot the hs (with VM Ware) it hangs on this:
            girahs login :[ 4.662991] random: crng init done
            [4.663009] random: 7 urqndom warning(s) missed due to ratelimiting
            [5.690758] pcnet32 0000:02:00.0 eth0: link up
            EIBNET Reset fertig
            [29.049781] IPv6: eth0: IPv6 duplicate address xxxxx detected

            This message appears every +/-50 seconds.
            Is there a problem with the network interface? Or is there no project loaded?
            The hs does not boot to the normal visual page where you can see the ip address, sn, time/date.
            I downloaded the image in the VM Ware topic. https://www.roelbroersma.nl/forums/topic/vm-downloads-xenserver-virtualbox-vmware/page/4/#post-3025

            Thanks for the help

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              i started with fresh debian 9 and followed the 2nd post.
              everything worked out fine, except the ip-configuration.
              i could configure debian /network/interfaces, but hs wont grab the IP

              i looked into some vm-ware images, there were some more changes to haproxy config.

              some hints for me how to configure the IP/ifconfig-settings on a fresh debian 9 to get hs working?

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                Hallo zusammen,

                ich habe die VM aus Post 3025 installiert, herzlichen Dank an alle Beteiligten!!!
                Mein Projekt läuft sehr gut allerdings mit einer Ausnahme, es werden keine Diagramme (HTTP/Web) mehr angezeigt.

                Beim Aufruf eines Diagramms erhalte ich folgende Fehlermeldung auf der Konsole:

                File “./../hssrc/hs_grafik.py”, line 378, in getGrafikPic
                File “./../hssrc/hs_glib.py”, line 91, in render
                File “./../hssrc/hs_glib.py”, line 368, in render_graph
                File “/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/PIL/ImageDraw.py”, line 96, in setfill
                “Please use keyword arguments instead.”)
                NotImplementedError: setfill() has been removed. Please use keyword arguments instead.

                Hier fehlt vielleicht noch ein Python Modul welches zum rendern benötigt wird? z.B. PIL ?

                Wäre total toll, wenn mir hierbei jemand weiterhelfen könnte!

                Wünsche allen Mitlesern einen guten Rutsch!

                Viele Grüße

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                  I hav